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If you’re processing personal issues or the struggles of a loved one, you are not alone. We invite you to join a community of others who share your experience. In community with others you will find understanding, care and support.

Faithful Journey

Care communities for LGBT+ and their Families

2nd Tuesday 7 PM
Online Only: Details provided upon request

Welcome to all who have questions about sexual identity and Christianity! How are we as individuals and as the Church called to respond? Whether you have personal, general or theological questions, our prayer is that you find helpful information and support in partnership with others in Faithful Journey, a care community for families of LGBT+.

Learn more about Bridge of Grace and Truth.

Connect: Marie Farrell

Living Hope

3rd Saturday 10 AM
Onsite: Middleburg Heights Campus. Online: Details provided upon request

Living Hope mental health ministry offers support to those living with mental illness and those in a close relationship with someone with a mental illness.

Connect: Karen Jarr 440-239-9423

Chronic Pain

3rd Tuesday 7 PM
Online Only: Details provided upon request

The purpose of the Chronic Pain Support Network is to connect and support people with chronic pain and those who love them. The CPSN runs on two tracks: one is where people interact with one another on a private Facebook page and the other is where people meet face-to-face. Either way, people meet and connect with others for encouragement, prayer and sharing practical helps. Anyone associated with Grace Church is welcome to join regardless of their pain experience.

Connect: Dennis Barta

Parents with Ill Children Support Group

3rd Sunday of the Month, 9am, Room 11

Onsite: Middleburg Heights Campus  Online: Details provided upon request

Parents/caregivers of children dealing with long-term illnesses are welcome to join us for the start of a support group addressing your diverse needs. Life can seem overwhelming and isolating when in these situations, so we have a monthly meeting to provide a venue to discuss issues and suggest possible coping strategies.

Connect: Linda Taylor


(Healing the Effects of Abortion-Related Trauma)

HEART is a seven-week workshop designed to assist women in dealing with the pain associated with PAS (Post Abortion Syndrome). It guides a woman through the specific steps of forgiveness, emotional healing, and restoration. Whether it’s a recent abortion or was decades ago, HEART believes that healing, release from shame, freedom and grace is available to every single person.

Connect: Lisa Mullins at

Embrace Grace

Middleburg Heights Campus

Embrace Grace strives to give every single young woman with an unplanned pregnancy in our community a church home where she can find spiritual, emotional, and physical support. The primary goal of Embrace Grace is to empower the church to be a safe and nonjudgmental place for these young women to run to when they find out they are pregnant, instead of the last place they are welcomed because of shame and guilt.

It is a 12-week study teaches them about God’s never-ending love and grace, no matter what our past is and what we’re going through. At the end we will give them a baby shower to honor them for choosing life and to help provide for their baby’s needs.



Middleburg Heights Campus

This group is not currently meeting but individuals are welcome to contact Shanon Brenenstuhl with any questions or needs.

Connect: Shanon Brenenstuhl

Dementia Caregivers

Middleburg Heights Campus

This group is not currently meeting but individuals are welcome to contact Mary Ann Walker with any questions or needs.

The Caregivers Support Group is a prayerful, uplifting discussion and sharing group for those caring for or supporting someone with any type of memory loss. We are here to provide ongoing fellowship, encouragement and prayerful support for one another.

Connect: Mary Ann Walker