October 24, 2021

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A Note from Pastor Jonathan

For God called you to do good, even if it means suffering, just as Christ suffered for you. He is your example, and you must follow in his steps. - 1 Peter 2:21

Dear Friends,

Who inspires you?

In this last 18+ months of upheaval, is there a person whose life and faith have inspired and encouraged you? I’ve frequently contemplated that question. What does it look like to live in a way where your faith is attractive? That’s the topic of my message this weekend; I hope you’ll be able to join us onsite or online!

Speaking of inspiration… For many years, Mary and I have considered leading a tour to Israel. It will happen, Lord-willing, in 2022! If that’s a trip you’ve also thought about taking, we’d love to have you join us! We’ll experience firsthand the locations where many biblical events took place: from the Sea of Galilee to Jerusalem to Jericho.

The 10-day Israel Trip will be April 26 – May 5, 2022, and will be hosted by Mary and me, Pastor Joel and Elin Bubna, and Pastor Kajavius and Patricia Wilson. Maybe you’ve had this as a goal for a long time and don’t want to wait any longer. We expect the 44 spaces to fill up quickly. For more info on the places we’ll visit and pricing, please contact Luann.

Hope you’re enjoying the beauty of God’s creation these days. Mary and I keep commenting on the beauty of fall colors!

Have a blessed week!

– Pastor Jonathan Schaeffer


Today at Grace

Welcome New Members!

Please join us in welcoming our new members today! If you’re interested in becoming a member of Grace Church, click the button below to read more.

Carolyn Byrd
Gladys Fernandez
Dennis Gaydarzhi
Vitalina Gaydarzhi
Alvaro and Erin Gonzalez
Philip Fas and Deb Harcar
Matt and Amber Hejl
Chrissy Rushlander
James and Sarah Stratton
Tommy Wease
Peggy Wise

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Ways to Grow

Keys to Recovery

Tuesdays 7:30 PM @ MH Campus

Join a safe space of encouragement for your journey to recovery. If you struggle with keeping boundaries in your life for food, chemicals, relationships, alcohol, or other habits, you’re invited to come to this free weekly group.

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Youth: The MOVE

Wednesday 6:30 PM @ OF Campus

Students 7-12 grade are invited to check out our Grace Youth ministry for a fun indoor/outdoor event at our Olmsted Falls campus. The event features special guest-led worship, food trucks, and games.

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Thursdays 7 PM @ MH Campus

Join crucial conversations about race and biblical justice. Through a series of talks and discussions, you and your other classmates will be guided by truth, wisdom, and the Holy Spirit.  It’s a safe space to learn, ask questions, and bond with others through your shared commitment to Christ. The next session begins October 28th and runs through December 9th.

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Investment and Retirement Seminar

9 AM @ MH Campus

Planning for the future is a part of living with wisdom! This one-day seminar will take the mystery out of investment terms and retirement planning. Whether you’re new to investing, or you want to learn how you can plan for your retirement to have the greatest kingdom impact, this seminar will help you make informed decisions (and save yourself some fees!)

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Forever Young Potluck

5 PM @ MH Campus

When there’s plenty of people around your table and plenty of food to spare, it’s easy to rejoice, but what about when the plate seems empty, and the settings are bare? Pastor Kareem Smith will be speaking on the topic of “Spiritual Depression: How to Beat the Holiday Blues.”
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Child Dedications

Sunday, November 21 at both campuses

If you’re interested in publicly dedicating your child during a Sunday service, our next Child Dedication services will be on November 21st. The deadline to sign up is November 7!
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Ways to Serve

Care Kit Packing Night

Monday 6 PM @ MH Campus

Want to be ready to help the next time you see someone in need? All month we’ve been collecting donations of new care items to make kids to give away to homeless people. You can help pack and learn best practices for giving them away this Monday night at 6 PM. 
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Upward Basketball & Cheer

Last Chance to Register!

Upward Basketball and Cheer league is starting back up in January.  This youth sports program for K-6th graders focuses on developing young players: spiritually, athletically, mentally, and socially. If you’re interested in using your experience in sports or cheer to mentor kids, we have many opportunities to serve for coaches, an MC, prayer partners, and more.
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Operation Christmas Child

October 24 – November 7 @ OF Campus

his month, you’re invited to fill a shoebox with small gifts to be sent to children along with the good news of Jesus! The boxes are delivered to children who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine all for the purpose of sharing God’s love. Boxes can be returned in the lobby at each of our campuses through November 7Image Courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse
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Once Upon a Christmas Craft Show

November 12-13 @ MH Campus

Our annual craft show brings together over 150 makers from all over Northeast Ohio, and it’s a great place to finish your Christmas list! It’s also a fundraiser for our Youth’s 2022 trips and retreats. You can support our students by visiting the event, and donating some homemade soup to the student-run Soup table! All proceeds go to students working at the event for their upcoming retreats and mission trips.
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When you give, you participate with God in sharing his generous love to a world in need.

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A Legacy Left
for the Lord

In her late twenties, Mabel Francis felt the Lord calling her to missions, to serve Him by going to the unreached places of the world and sharing the Good News of Jesus. It was the early 1900’s when Mabel wrote a letter to A.B. Simpson (founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance). In her letter, she asked to be sent as a missionary to Japan. At the time, single women weren’t permitted to travel for mission work internationally. In 1909, she was given permission to go.

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Current Series

Your identity is the facts that make you who you are. It's your background, your behavior, and your very being as a person. As we study the book of Romans together, we'll be looking at some identity-shaping truths that are essential for every follower of Christ. In a world that pressures us to work on becoming a better person, we can find joy in the process of sanctification: God shaping us into his good likeness as we spend time with him. As Paul will tell us, if you're in Christ, who you are is because of who he is.

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The Message of Romans

Study Guide

Want to get more out of the book of Romans? Follow along as we move through the book in chronological order, or read ahead topically.

A friendship shattered

1:1-17 The life-transforming Gospel
1:18-32 The cost of a life without God
2:1-16 Before you point fingers
2:17-3:20 The final verdict

A friendship restored

3:21-31 The greatest gift ever
4:1-25 How vital is faith?
5:1-11 Reasons to live a joy-filled life
5:12-21 The significance of one person

A life filled with God

6:1-23 New life, new lifestyle
7:1-25 Overcoming the struggle of sin
8:1-17 Who is the Holy Spirit?
8:18-28 God’s reward for people who suffer
8:28-39 God is for us!

God’s plan for the nation of Israel

9:1-29 Is God fair?
9:30-10:21 God’s sovereignty, your responsibility
11:1-36 The future of Israel

Living in friendship

12:1-2 Responding to God’s kindness
12:3-21 Valuing differences among Christians
13:1-7  To obey or not obey government
13:8-14 The right kind of debt
14:1-15:13 When Christians disagree
15:14-33 Worth living (and dying) for
16:1-27 More than a list of things to do

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