Young Adults Ministry

By October 17, 2019A Note from PJ

Young Adults Ministry

Did you know that we have a Young Adult Gathering every Thursday evening at 7 pm?

Each Thursday, there’s worship, teaching, and an opportunity for 18 to 30 year olds to connect with others their age. And, there are small groups that meet throughout the week. My own children who are young adults have really enjoyed the group when they’ve been in town and have found it a great place to build community.

Young Adults is led by Pastor Jim Pavkov, who has a great way of connecting with people one-on-one and through his worship-leading. The leadership team is a solid core of Christ-followers who want to provide an environment for healthy friendships and spiritual growth.

Do you have friends and colleagues who might be interested? You can point them to or let them know about the special event happening October 24.

Here’s my heart. We want to make sure we’re giving an opportunity for community and growth for each generation. The reality is that every local church is just one generation from extinction.

What if we saw hundreds of 18-30 year olds experience new life in Christ, finding him to be the world’s greatest treasure and the only One who brings true freedom and lasting fulfillment? What if their skills and enthusiasm were unleashed for the Lord’s purposes?

My heart beats faster thinking about that! Let’s pray that it be so. And if you’re in that age category I hope you’ll consider being part of the Young Adult gathering each Thursday evening!

P.S. Thanks to each one who has made a special gift for the “Stronger Together” multisite initiative!  I’m so thankful to see our church family’s desire to reach more people. Check the insert in today’s bulletin for more details; it’s not too late to join us in preparing the Olmsted campus for expansion.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Thank you!

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