The Mind of Christ

By May 8, 2020Men

The Mind of Christ

As I have been focusing on discipline this year and reading through Disciplines of a Godly Man by Kent Hughes, I was very excited when I got to chapter 6. This is all about the discipline of the mind and the concept of having the mind of Christ, which is an overwhelming yet strongly desired capacity of us all!


Is it possible? Though the total number of possible pathways through the brain exceeds 10 to the 80th power, Paul affirms that it is totally possible “to have the mind of Christ” (Romans 12:2; 1 Corinthians 2:16)!!


Harry Blames said that while Christians may worship and pray as Christians, they do not think as Christians. He goes on to say that our minds have succumbed to the secular drift with a degree of weakness and, nervelessness, more than ever before in history!


Wow, what powerful words! As followers of Jesus, our minds are weak and numb because we have drifted slowly away from the anchor of our souls. And because of this drift from the eternal Truth, our minds have become weaker than ever before.


The bottom line is that we have left our brains open to the infiltration of the 10 to the 80th power of pathways. Does this mean that we shouldn’t watch tv or movies or read the latest news on our choice of social media? No, not at all.


Billy Graham and our founding Pastor Donald Schaeffer started every day reading the daily news in one hand while reading their Bible in the other! The Bible reminds us that our minds can be rewired/remolded (transformed) and renewed, which is encouraging.


I know that over the years I have struggled with bad thinking or unhealthy thinking. I used to easily get fixated on a thought that took me down a wicked path very quickly. And I can say today that mind thought patterns are different now than 10 years ago!


How does this happen though? Thinking about truth, justice, things that are pure and excellent, lovely (a word my grandmother used to use often!), honoring thoughts. This means we have to have a different series of information coming into our brains. We have to change the station of information! The only way to do this is to unplug from one source and plug into another source.


The best way to understand why Bill Gates has made so much $$ over the years would be to sit down and talk to him. Spend a lot of time with him and glean the way he thinks and what he does to implement the right choices to make business successful. The same is true in life. The only way to think like Jesus is to spend time with Him. The best way to do this is to read His words, then talk to Him about what you just read!


What have you been doing lately to have the mind of Christ? How are you spending your time with Him? What is something you read lately that impacted you and changed your way of thinking?

-Pastor Scott