Staying Connected

By March 23, 2020June 24th, 2020A Note from PJ

Staying Connected

Hi church family!

We are praying for you these days and trusting Jesus with you.  In these difficult times I’m so grateful that we can know and trust him together!

Here’s a video message from Mary and me. We miss you! A few highlights:

• If you go to, you’ll see details for the items listed below.

• There are new eGroups forming this week, small groups that gather virtually through social media or an online video platform. They gather once or twice a week to pray together, discuss the weekly sermon, and encourage one another.  If you’re not in a small group, we’d love to have you join one of those.

• We are adding new livestream services for the next 4 weeks; here’s the weekly schedule:

1. Sunday worship services at 9:00, 10:30, 12:00, 6:00 (invite a friend!  We had thousands of viewers last week)

2. Monday prayer gathering at 7pm (access this week’s gathering at; you’ll be encouraged!)

3. Wednesday worship & teaching at 7pm (similar to our Sunday morning services)

4. Friday Bible teaching at 7pm (with gifted communicator Tom Sefik, our Marriage & Family pastor)

• There are ways to help in this crisis, discipleship resources for families, and more.  And, if we can be of help to you in some way, email us at

• Our worship teams are doing a simple recording of a worship song each week for our congregation. Soak in truth about Jesus and hear some familiar voices.  Here’s the song for this week.

I love that we’re able to use technology for worship and Bible teaching during this time!  This is just one of many notes we’ve received:

“I totally enjoyed, and yes learned from watching the service on Sunday, and the Woman’s Ministry chat yesterday (I even forwarded this to a few of my friends). Am definitely looking forward to the Prayer Service tonight. Thanks for all your efforts to keep us connected while we are temporarily on ‘vacation’ from the building. Although I am not techy, even I can click on the right links to be able to watch. 🙂 Thanks for being the best church in the world.”

Mary and I invite you to join us and others in a time of fasting, one of the ways Jesus invites us to increase our effectiveness in prayer (Matthew 6:17-18; Acts 13:2; 14:23).  Now through Easter Sunday, April 12, some will fast one meal a day or one a week, or from dessert; some might choose to fast from watching more than 30 minutes of news on tv/internet, some from screen time a day/week or more.  How do you think Jesus might be calling you to bring greater focus to your time with him in this national crisis?

I’m grateful to be following him with you.  Love from the Schaeffer home,
Pastor Jonathan Schaeffer
Senior Pastor, Grace Church