Showing Compassion in the Face of a Crisis Pregnancy

By April 8, 2019 October 2nd, 2019 A Note from PJ

Showing Compassion in the Face of a Crisis Pregnancy

Some of you have seen the just-released movie, Unplanned.  It’s the compelling—and true—story of Abby Johnson, an award-winning Planned Parenthood Director who has a dramatic turn in life when she witnesses an actual abortion.  I found it profoundly moving, like many others who have seen (or read) the story.


A few people have asked, “What can Christians do to demonstrate love and compassion for women who face a crisis pregnancy?  Many feel trapped by their circumstances, not wanting an abortion but unsure what other choice they have.”  There’s panic, fear, anger, guilt and more.


We might ask, “What would Jesus have us do?”


Certainly he loves children—that’s super clear in the Gospels.  And he also loves their parents.  So what are some ways we can give ongoing support in a way that could help reduce the level of crisis a woman faces?


While much more could be done, here are a few ministries already happening through the Grace family:

  • Care and material needs are provided for parents with a crisis pregnancy (clothing, appliances, education) in our strong partnership with the Cleveland Pregnancy Center.
  • Hundreds of children have been loved by Grace families through foster care and adoption.
  • Many are helping to support the care and training received at Laura’s Home, for abused women and those in crisis.
  • A significant amount of our Emergency Relief Fund assistance goes to single parents.
  • Special consideration for scholarships for counseling and our Making Peace weekend retreats.
  • Priority Projects—a team of individuals who do basic home repairs and improvements—has focused on helping single moms and widows.
  • Numerous adults at Grace have been part of a tutoring in an under-resourced school.
  • There are support groups for single moms—a place to find encouragement and mutual support.
  • There has been occasional mentoring and emergency housing provided by various families at Grace.


These are a few that immediately come to mind.  Can you think of additional ways the family of Jesus can show compassion?   Our heart is to honor Him more and more, showing love to those who matter so much to him…from the womb to the tomb.

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