Join in our huge effort in response to the COVID-19 crisis…

Inreach: Serve Our Church

eGroups (ages 18+)

eGroups are new small groups that gather virtually through social media or an online video platform. They are hosted by people who want to serve as spiritual support for individuals within their circle of friends.

Phone Team (ages 12+)

Make phone calls checking in with the vulnerable populations and take notes on any needs they have for other teams or ministries to follow-up with. Looking for confident, kind, and caring people.

Congregational Needs Team

Join in our effort to provide food and supplies for members of our congregation who need help during this crisis!

Outreach: Serve Our Community

Cleveland Clinic Blood Drive

Officials at the Red Cross say they are concerned about how COVID-19 is impacting their ability to collect donor blood. They’ve been unable to collect 8,000 pints of blood. Donate!

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Your Local Food Pantry

Support your local food pantry in one of these two ways:

Financial- Food pantries can buy food from the Cleveland Food bank at a lower cost

Food- Check your local pantry website for their current list