Rhythm of Grace by Georgia Turner

By October 19, 2021Growing in Faith, Women

Psalm 55:22: “So here’s what I’ve learned through it all: Leave all your cares and anxieties at the feet of the Lord, and you will be strengthen with His measureless grace.”

As a youngster nothing delighted this little girl more than swinging, reaching for the sky then back down again.  The higher the better.  Back and forth.  High and low.  Free to soar beyond belief.

At the neighborhood Lincoln Park swings, the goal, the victory cap:  to touch the overhanging branch of the giant Elm.  And oh, the thrill of the cherry bumps, my stomach dropping for a moment, wild giggling filling my mouth.  I can feel it as I write.  Taking to the air. Then back down to the ground to touch that soil with as much force as I could.  Then pumping my little legs through each down swing so I don’t lose height and momentum on the rise.  I wanted to live my life on these swings.

Recently reflecting on life with its ups and downs brought back this memory.  Life can be a swing ride if we soar on the wings of grace.  If we catch its rhythm.  Mountain tops with God then back down into the valleys of life.  Push through those valleys gracefully.  That’s the intent of God’s grace.  Not jerky bumps like a roller coaster, sometimes leaving us bruised.  Not floods of unconquerable angst.  Catch God’s rhythm of grace.  Live your life on a swing.

Lord God, teach us to live in this rhythm of grace.  Remind us that You are with us in life’s valleys.  We don’t have to be afraid as though our world was irreparably falling apart.  Remind us that Jesus takes the hard knocks for us so that we can laugh with confidence in You right through life’s cycles.  Amen.