Revelation Series and New Family Check-In

By May 23, 2020June 24th, 2020A Note from PJ

Revelation Series and New Family Check-In

Hi friend–

Mary and I are just returning from the funeral of her 98-year old grandma, Memommy, who was a gracious and stabilizing presence for her family over decades of painful challenges.  We’ll miss her.  I was grateful to speak from her Bible at the service, expressing the hope that we have because of Jesus.

Bertrand Russell, a well-known atheist who wrote the book, Why I Am Not A Christian, was asked by the British Broadcasting Corporation what he had to hang on to when death was so close. Russell replied, “I have nothing to hang onto but grim, unyielding despair.”

My message this weekend from the Book of Revelation will offer an alternative to “grim, unyielding despair”! The vision we’ll review gives us great reason for confidence. Anyone can participate in our 5 worship services at or

Our leadership team is continuing to monitor what’s wisest and most loving in terms of onsite ministry.  That means continuing services online-only at this time, while small groups now have the option to meet onsite.  If you would like to reserve a room at our Middleburg or Olmsted campus for a small group, you can do so here. (

Finally, tonight at 7pm is the beginning of a brand-new “Family Check-In.” This 4-week class will feature different couples and single parents each week discussing how God is helping them nurture their marriages and manage their families during the current crisis. They’ll be sharing practices and ideas that have helped them navigate this season and will offer recommendations on helpful resources.

Grateful for the promises of Jesus,

Pastor Jonathan Schaeffer
Senior Pastor, Grace Church

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