Opportunities to make an impact

By April 18, 2020June 24th, 2020A Note from PJ

Opportunities to make an impact

Hi friend!

My hunch is that you want to make an impact with your life.  In this time of crisis, you and I have new opportunities to do that…and it’s been super encouraging to hear how that’s happening through so many people at Grace.  Mary and I share some highlights in our video message this week.

• To be part of the Serve team at Grace, check out the options here.
• To see the video clip of a “creative” at Grace, check this brief news piece.
• If you’d like to watch a compelling and inspiring movie, so many people have been moved by the (free) “Case for Christ” movie.
• Quick reminder on watching any of the services on Sunday or throughout the week at Grace: just go to  facebook.com/gracecmachurch or http://live.gracecma.org/.  Hope to “see you” this Sunday at the Online Campus!

Giving thanks for you today,
Pastor Jonathan Schaeffer
Senior Pastor, Grace Church

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