Opportunities to make an impact

By April 18, 2020 April 23rd, 2020 A Note from PJ

Opportunities to make an impact

Hi friend!

My hunch is that you want to make an impact with your life.  In this time of crisis, you and I have new opportunities to do that…and it’s been super encouraging to hear how that’s happening through so many people at Grace.  Mary and I share some highlights in our video message this week.

• To be part of the Serve team at Grace, check out the options here.
• To see the video clip of a “creative” at Grace, check this brief news piece.
• If you’d like to watch a compelling and inspiring movie, so many people have been moved by the (free) “Case for Christ” movie.
• Quick reminder on watching any of the services on Sunday or throughout the week at Grace: just go to  facebook.com/gracecmachurch or http://live.gracecma.org/.  Hope to “see you” this Sunday at the Online Campus!

Giving thanks for you today,
Pastor Jonathan Schaeffer
Senior Pastor, Grace Church

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