What is Membership?

Becoming a member of a local church is probably the only time in your life when you get to choose the family where you find belonging. This is the community of believers you’ll get to love, grow, and serve within as long as God has you here! Membership is a process.

  1. Join a Membership class (Grace 101). 
    This class will give you a full picture of Grace Church so you can make an informed decision about membership.
  2. Interview with an Elder.
    You’ll have a personal conversation with one of our elders where they’ll ask questions about your relationship with God, looking for ways that your Grace family can help you grow in your faith.
  3. Celebrate at a Sunday Service!
    When you’re officially a member, you’ll be introduced publicly to the church family at one of our Sunday worship services.


Grace 101 is a fast-paced 12-week class exploring the core values, faith, mission, and vision of Grace Church. Each week you’ll hear a presentation from a different pastor or ministry leader, interact with other prospective members, and learn more about Grace as you engage with that week’s host. Grace 101 sessions start the first week of March, June, September, and December and run for 12 weeks. It’s a fun, relaxed classroom environment, and many friendships have come out of sharing a membership class.

This membership class was launched in 1994, out of a desire to give new guests and people exploring membership a warm welcome and a fun orientation to Grace Church.

Class Topics:

  • Overview of Grace Church
  • How to Invest Wisely
  • What We Believe
  • How to Share the Good News
  • Christ Our Sanctifier
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Worship
  • Emotional Healing
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Great Commission Lifestyle – Missions
  • Committing to Grace

Grace 101 Facilitators – Pastor Steve & Nancy Harper (Middleburg Heights) Pastor Neil and Julie Clark (Olmsted Falls Campus)
Time – Sundays at 10:30 AM at Middleburg Heights (September, March and June), Wednesday at 7pm at Olmsted Falls (January).
Location – Middleburg Heights Campus Room 202, Olmsted Falls Campus Room 109

If you’d like to join our next Membership class, or have questions please contact:
Steve Harper 440.243.4885 x107 or [email protected].

Membership Resources