On this trip, due to the challenging terrain, we were forced to be extra diligent about the safety of our teammates. This led us to the phrase, together we go further. When we rely on each other’s strengths, we are able to accomplish more. 

     Personally, this trip really spoke the importance of the word of God. In the English speaking world, not only do we have the entire scripture translated in our heart language, we have multiple versions of it! We are so privileged and, yet, reading our bibles seems to be an unbearable task. We should all  take a moment to relish in the sweet gift of the word of God! When we delivered a small device that the scripture was recorded on, we were delivering hope. That hope is available to us and now available to the people we visited. 

     Prayer was another essential element of our trip. We were praying as we were walking from house to house, praying over every person we visited, and praying together as a team. In this area, when a group prays, they pray at the same time. Often, prayer was being spoken in three different languages. Our God can understand them all. It was powerful to turn to prayer as our first response and rely on the spirit for the words we needed as well as the energy needed to sustain us. We prayed for family members who were far away, health issues big and small, and salvation. All these things are heard and held precious by the Lord.

      Overall, the trip was special in so many ways. We got to share the words of real freedom with people for the first time. We got to encourage our fellow brothers and sisters with the words of our Father. Ultimately, we got to know Jesus a little bit better in our week in the mountains, we heard him a little clearer, and grew to appreciate the everlasting word of hope.


Buildings closed for large events.