We have returned home safely from our trip. What a great time to be a part of a team and partner with local pastors in Mexico as well as the Lokers! 


 Once in Mexico, our journey began with a 5 hour van ride to a mountain village where we would distribute audio bibles to peoples’ homes and pray for them. We would stay in this village in a host home and enjoy our meals there. This 5 hour journey was not because of distance but because for most of the trip we were on the side of a mountain that only had dirt roads for us to drive on. It was an intense journey but Jim Loker was a skillful driver and we arrived safely. 


The food we ate was all locally grown and prepared by groups of church ladies who used their skillful hands to make mass amounts of tortillas. What an incredible blessing every meal was. We were served with such humility. We didn’t eat the same thing twice!! 


Our actual ministry was just splitting into two groups and traveling to houses that the pastor in the village had determined would benefit from receiving an audio bible in the language, Zapotec. This language was indigenous to the area and the book of  Psalms is the most recently recorded section in this language so we were delivering the Psalms for the first time to these people! WOW. Can you imagine? Although a large portion of the population is bilingual in Zapotec and Spanish, some people speak no Spanish. 


We trekked, hiked, and struggled to each house up and down the mountain. As a fully healthy group of people, we struggled. Can you imagine having some time of illness or physical disability and trying to navigate the dirt trails? It would be nearly impossible. 


In the following days, we visited other villages and delivered more audio bibles and spoke more prayers. What a blessing to pray over people who were welcoming and open with people they did not know. 


This trip was an absolute blessing and it was refreshing to join in praying and delivering of the word!


Buildings closed for large events.