Greetings Readers! 


         We are so excited to head to Oaxaca, Mexico this week and spend a week there. During our time, we will be partnering with Jim and Jamie Loker. Jim and Jamie are part of a ministry called Audio Scriptures. They are part of translating the Bible into purely oral languages and recording them on cell-phone size devices to give to people. 


        The team of 8 will be joining Jim and Joker in the upcoming week to help pass out the scriptures devices, as well as, interacting with national churches in the area. 


We are searching for prayer during our time in Mexico. We are seeking prayer for the following: 


  • Prayer that our partnership with the Lokers would be beneficial to the spreading the gospel in the areas that we get to witness to 
  • Prayer for unity within our team 
  • Prayer for health and energy 
  • Prayer for easy travel 
  • Prayer for connections to be made with people we get to meet! 
  • Prayer for God’s word to be heard and received! 


We will be posting updates on our Facebook Page (Grace Church Oaxaca Mission Trip) and on the blog, internet willing. We thank you in advance for your prayers and are so excited to report back!