Note from PJ – July 31

By July 31, 2022October 8th, 2022A Note from PJ

Note from PJ – July 31

We have a carefully researched account of the events that took place during Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven.

When Luke introduces his gospel, he shares how he incorporated “eyewitness reports” and “carefully investigated everything from the beginning” so that we could have “an accurate account” of the life and ministry of Jesus (Luke 1:2-3). I’m so glad he was led by the Spirit to do that! These were real events in real places with real people. The picture of Jerusalem above is one of the places Luke would have visited again and again.

You can visit Jerusalem with us next year! Mary and I along with Pastor Joel and Elin Bubna will be hosting a tour of Israel in the spring. We’d be glad to have you join us! We’ll experience the settings where so many biblical events took place, from the Sea of Galilee to Jerusalem to Jericho. The 10-day trip will be April 17-26, 2023, just after Easter next year. We expect the remaining 22 spaces to fill up quickly. To see the itinerary and get pricing, email: [email protected]. Maybe you’ve wanted to see Jerusalem for a long time; it would be great to make the pilgrimage with you!

Closer to home, tonight at Middleburg Heights Campus, we’ll be packing Care Kits for homeless.

That’s 2 PM in Paradise Pier on the Lower Level. We’ll get to organize all the donations into an assembly-line style operation (so fast and fun!), put kits together, then hear about some best practices for giving those out. You’ll learn some great conversation starters and ways to pray when you hand out a Homeless Care Kit.

This Sunday we’ll continue our series in the Parables and be led in worship by the teams that continue to lead us so well. We’ll be focusing on what kind of heart posture we want to have as we await the coming of our Savior and King, Jesus.

Blessings on you this weekend!