Note from PJ – July 17

By July 17, 2022October 8th, 2022A Note from PJ

Note from PJ – July 17

In a tough world, have you noticed how we have a tendency to focus on the challenges before us, or what might be going wrong?

I’ve found that a great habit to incorporate is to remember that Jesus is always at work around us and showing evidence of his mercy and kindness, even when challenges or tough circumstances remain. How has he has been at work in your life this week?

In Acts 14:27, we read how Paul “gathered the church together and reported all that God had done and how he had opened a door of faith…” Can I encourage you with a few ways the Lord has been doing that in the last couple of weeks?

Tuesday at Lorain Campus – A 23-year-old came to Galvanized this week, a Christian recovery group led by guys from Grace (there are 2 groups, and 41 came to the one on Tuesday). There were tears in his eyes as he told the guys, “I have no men in my life who have ever poured into me. I have no father or grandfather. I literally have never had any man who has encouraged me or told me anything good about myself. I want to change this for my life. I am about to be a father and I want to be for my daughter what I have never seen in my life. I want God to change my life and the future of my daughter’s life, forever!”


Last Week at LIFE Conference in Orlando – Thousands of youth from Alliance churches around the country gathered, there were big decisions that were made as high schoolers came to a greater understanding of their identity in Christ and the adventure of following his leadership in their lives. It was a fantastic week of impact! Grace had 100+ who attended; some of them will be sharing testimonies at the Youth Gathering this Sunday evening.

This Week at Beulah on the Road – The week of day camp concluded Saturday at our Olmsted Falls campus with a closing program for kids and their families. It was a high-energy and high-impact week for the 167 kids who attended. One young girl who had never attended church arrived a bit nervous the first day, but loved her time at camp! She eagerly returned each morning of camp, welcomed by her counselor and other campers. On Saturday, kids were invited to ring a bell – a Beulah Beach tradition that goes way back – to share that they had put their trust in Christ that week. Numerous kids rang the bell!

Grace family: your prayers have made a difference! To God be the glory for each of these amazing stories! We praise him for what he has done, and what he promises he will continue to do to draw people to himself and build his kingdom.

Today– we have the privilege of hearing from Pastor Joel Bubna as we launch a new series on the parables of Jesus. We’ll hear about the kingdom of God, and what life looks like when Jesus is in charge. I hope you’ll share the message with a friend this week.

Grateful that Jesus is at work in our broken world…more than we know. He is faithful and good.

Glad to be following him with you,

– Pastor Jonathan Schaeffer