Note from PJ – August 28

By August 28, 2022October 8th, 2022A Note from PJ

Note from PJ – August 28

The weather looks fantastic for today and we’d love to have you join us for the gathering at Beulah Beach … on the shores of Lake Erie in Vermilion!  
If you didn’t purchase a meal in advance, no worries! Just pack a picnic meal, or join us later in the evening for worship and baptisms starting at 6 PM.   More people signed up and we now have well over 60 people getting baptized!  Click HERE for more information on this milestone spiritual step.

3 PM:  Swimming + Lawn Games

5 PM:  Dinner

6 PM:  Baptisms + Worship

Wrap-up by 7:30 PM

My message this past Sunday highlighted a parable that reveals a paradigm-shifting perspective:  
when we serve others in need, we’re actually serving Jesus. That’s what he communicates in a compelling way. Mary and I often share our gratitude for how many in the Grace family get that, and serve in humble and generous and faithful ways! So many are serving Jesus, some without realizing it, according to the master Storyteller himself! If you’re thinking of a new way to serve, check out this newly-designed page for lots of different opportunities.

Mary and I are hosting a tour of Israel along with Pastor Joel & Elin Bubna on April 17-26, 2023. We’d be glad to have you join us as we experience firsthand where so many biblical events took place…from the Sea of Galilee to Jerusalem to Jericho. We have several spaces remaining; for more info on the places we’ll visit as well as pricing, contact Luann at [email protected]

Many of you know and love Pastor John & Donna Guenther. Your prayers for them are welcome as Donna goes through treatment for cancer. As often happens, there have been bumps along the way…and yet they’ve seen the Lord’s kindness in many ways. Would you ask the Lord to sustain them on this journey and show them his daily mercy and strength?

 Thanks so much.

– Pastor Jonathan Schaeffer