Note from PJ – April 10

By April 9, 2022A Note from PJ

Note from PJ – April 10

Dear Friends,

Jesus is with you right now.

A friend mentioned a few days ago that if you put your trust in Jesus, you have “the honor of carrying the presence of Jesus wherever we go.” I like that picture, and “Jesus, you are with me right now,” has been a good prayer for me this week. I’ve been taking his presence into every room, every conversation, every email.

What about you? How have you been applying the message from this past Sunday? If you missed it, you can catch it here.

Comeback Sunday is tomorrow!
If you’ve been engaging online for a while, we’d love to have you join us onsite for the worship service.
One person told me, “My spouse and I are making that our day; we haven’t been on site in 2 years and are looking forward to being back!”

Who are you inviting to an Easter service? Is there a friend, a colleague, or a neighbor that just jumped into your mind? We have some freshly-made Easter invite cards for you to grab tomorrow at both of our campuses. Feel free to take whatever you can use.

We’re reopening Cafe spaces at both campuses this Sunday: in the Activity Center at Middleburg (see here) and in the Atrium at Olmsted (see here). Mary tried one of the muffins today and said they’re fantastic! 🙂

Do you wish you had more confidence to share your faith? we have a 3-week mini series starting this Wednesday, April 13 at our Middleburg Heights campus. (more info in the events below).

I’m grateful for all of the ways that we’re getting to serve together this year. This weekend we hosted a community event at our Olmsted campus for kids and parents, we had a good group serving alongside area churches at Renew the City in the Hough area of Cleveland. Those are just a couple of ways people were gathering and reaching out this week.

Grateful to be on the same team with you!

– Pastor Jonathan Schaeffer