New Service Time, Kids, and Youth

By May 2, 2020June 24th, 2020A Note from PJ

New Service Time, Kids, and Youth

Hi friend–

Now more than ever, Mary and I are grateful to be part of the Grace Church family and are so thankful for the ways we see you reaching out to each other and to your communities! We’d love to touch base with you by video — it’s less than ten minutes.

Some have asked when we will begin onsite worship gatherings at Grace. With our particular dynamics we feel it would be unwise to do so at this time. We value your prayers as our staff leaders and Elders prayerfully discern a phased approach for opening our campuses that demonstrates wisdom and love.

A few reminders for these days ahead:

• The Bible Seminar at 7pm this evening with Tom Sefik is on the topic:  “New Heavens & Earth.”

• We’re adding a 5th weekend service; in addition to the 4 on Sunday, we’re adding an identical service at 5pm on Saturday.  We’ll have communion in each of those 5 services this weekend.  You can join our online campus at or

• We mentioned the opportunities for GraceKids in our video; you can find those at their YouTube Channel (Grace Kids TV lesson video on Sundays), and Facebook (Parents and Leaders Page), and Instagram (gracecmakids).

• For Middle and High School youth, check their YouTube Channel. These are great places to connect and grow with others!

• If you missed the free financial seminar last night led by Gregg Carrick, “Getting through Lean Times,” that’s available here. It’s designed for all of us who are looking for tips on how to stretch the budget and weather this current economic storm.

• We will not Livestream Prayer this coming Monday, focusing instead on a special National Day of Prayer service next Thursday, May 7.  More details to follow.
We’re thankful for you, and cheering you on!!

Pastor Jonathan Schaeffer
Senior Pastor, Grace Church

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