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Monthly Women’s Gatherings

Ladies Latte

Connect over coffee

Join us as we meet to connect over coffee. You’ll be inspired with a message from the Bible by Mary Schaeffer, and thought-provoking discussion in a true coffee-house atmosphere.
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Relatable, Empowered, Authentic Living

Our modern culture convinces women to live within the highlight reels of social media and the unrealistic glamour of perfection. But as women of grace, the best way we can live out the gospel each day is by living a life that is R.E.A.L (Relatable, Empowered, Authentic Living).

Join Jen Robinson, Mary Schaeffer, Dr. Tisha Carter, and Nikie Jezek, along with a guest panelist, as they navigate everyday topics and issues in an authentically biblical and applicable way. Our desire is for women to face their real-life situations within the confident truth of God’s Word.
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Stories and TestimoniesWomen
September 11, 2021

In My Own Time by Melissa Watz

The moments where God showed me His grace was undermined as I kept one foot grounded in darkness. In my last blog post, I wrote that Satan had a grip…
Home and FamilyWomen
September 11, 2021

Fear is a Liar by April Brooks

At the end of August, we dropped our oldest daughter off at NYU to begin her college career at her dream school. The days leading up to move in day…
Growing in FaithWomen
October 6, 2021

Old Lesson, Fresh Perspective by Bianca Tyus

For years I drifted, allowing life to happen to me, instead of taking the initiative to live life. I had plenty of dreams of where I would be in life…
Recipe of the WeekWomen
September 11, 2021

Fabulous Sour Cream Lemon Pie by Nanci Gravill

This pie I would consider a family recipe as my sister in Seattle used to make this. But last summer I found an even better recipe that has more lemon…

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Other Ways to Connect with Women

Beyond Betrayal


Living with your husband’s sexual betrayal can leave you feeling empty and alone. Find hope and healing in a safe place where you can process your pain and begin the journey of restoration. The class format combines confidential large and small group teaching and discussion. The book is $25.

For more information, email beyondbetrayal@gracecma.org.

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Bible Studies for Women


Bible Studies are held mornings and evenings throughout the week– join with other women to explore a variety of topics and studies offered throughout the year. Childcare is available for most classes.

Childcare is available by reservation only. Contact: april.curtain@gracecma.org. Please mention the names and ages of the children. NO walk-ins will be accepted for childcare on the day of the event. ($2/child or $4/family) Pay when you check-in your child / children.

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Book Club


2nd Saturday of each month

Do you like to read and are looking for a way to connect with women? Consider joining the ladies of the Girlfriends! Book Club. Join them on the 2nd Saturday of each month with a new book to discuss.

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Disciples Making Disciples

Women’s Discipleship


Following Christ calls us to a higher standard of living. A standard of living that leads to a victorious life rooted in the Word of God and the love of Jesus.

But, how do we get there?

We grow in Christ as we seek Him together. Such growth is fostered in the rich soil of relationship with other women. God created us to be in community because He knew we couldn’t do life alone. As we link arms, this journey of discipleship shows us how to walk with God on a daily basis so that we can see and live life through a Christ-centered lens.

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Healing the Effects of Abortion Related Trauma

This group is a seven-week workshop designed to assist women in dealing with the pain associated with PAS (Post Abortion Syndrome). It guides a woman through the specific steps of forgiveness, emotional healing, and restoration.

If you would like someone to contact you, CLICK HERE. you are also welcome to contact Lisa Mullins at true2last@gmail.com.

Quilts to Comfort


Need a quilt? This ministry is designed to reach out in the name and with the love of Jesus to those in need of a caring touch.

Quilt Request Form

Want to serve? Gather around the quilting table with fellow quilters and “spread” comfort to those needing a caring touch.

Contact: Karen Kaiser karen@kaiserz.com

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Simply Worship

Quarterly night of worship


Simply Worship

Once each quarter we set aside a night for women of all ages to seek the Lord’s presence through music and song. Bring your Bible, a friend and a heart to worship.

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Simply a Day Away

Annual women’s retreat


Simply a Day Away

In the midst of life’s craziness, we want to invite you to join us for a day simply to get away from your hectic schedule and be filled with joy, peace, and hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. We will spend time in worship, prayer, and brief teachings on what it looks like to seek God in the stillness.
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Single Women of Grace


God has placed us in the church so that we may be an encouragement and help one another. We are not designed to live our lives all by ourselves. We invite you to join us to connect, encourage, support, and serve.

Join our “Single Women of Grace” Facebook group for events and how to get connected.

Strength and Toning


Ladies and teens of all fitness levels, join other gals as we strengthen our bodies, minds and our walk with Christ.

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Widows of Worth


Widows of Worth

“Two are better than one…if either of them falls down, one can help the other up.”

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Widows of Worth is about widows coming alongside one another in their unique journey, because we are always stronger when we travel together.

Widows Helping Widows on the Journey is a series of classes offered in the Fall and Spring quarters to women who recently entered widowhood or to those who lost their spouse a while ago yet still struggle in their healing.  The class will be led by widows who are further along in their journey of grief.  We hope to offer comfort as you wrestle with the intense emotions surrounding your husband’s death, to give practical suggestions to resolve the new and unique challenges we all face, and to offer hope that, although life will never be the same, there can still be joy in your future.

Contact: Judi Crytzer at jjcrytzer@gmail.com


Widows Communion Prep  What a privilege it is to serve the body of Christ at Grace by gathering together periodically to prepare the Lord’s Supper for distribution on Sunday mornings. Preparations typically take place once a month.

Contact: Mariann Yadlovsky  yud38@ameritech.com

Jen Robinson

Director of Women’s Ministry
440.243.4885 x233

Sue Valley

Ministry Assistant
440.243.4885 x116