The Grace Greenhouse Residency (GGR) program offers a cross-cultural and cross-generational ministerial training experience through a holistic approach to ministry leadership. This program is centered on the development of spiritual maturity that encourages and employs healthy ministry habits that honor Christ.

The program works to build Godly leadership skills and strengthen areas of spiritual gifting in order to advance participants effective implementation and execution of Matthew 28:18-20 through various areas of ministry.

The curriculum is designed to avail residents to experienced leaders and programming that will aid in the advancement of their ministerial journey as they prepare for deployment. The Residency program is specifically designed for those individuals who are called by God into vocational ministry leadership.

Gain the tools you need for healthy ministry practices at the Grace Greenhouse Residency two year residency program. Applications are accepted through May 1st. The program begins in August and runs for 24 months until completion. Come develop the skills to love, grow and serve through vocational ministry training.

Our goal is to create intentional environments that will mobilize the holistic and strategic deployment of leaders who are called to a greater responsibility for kingdom impact.

In this program, residents will be paired with a ministry leader specific to their area of ministry. Residents will also have the opportunity to hear from experienced leaders working in the specified fields of interest. The curriculum will span across a 20 month course study that is divided into two 10 month intensives covering a 3 modules of leadership development. The first 10 months will facing on sharpening spiritual gifts and the second 10 months will concentrate on spiritual development concentrating through the fruits of the Spirit as defined in Galatians 5:22-23.In its totality, the curriculum offers a holistic experience that is led by a healthy spiritual practice of ministry.

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Director of Residency Program

Dr. Tisha Carter a graduate of the residency program has joined the Grace team as the Director of Residency. Tisha’s experience as a resident offers a unique perspective in leading the program into its next season.
440-553-1855 ext. 232

Residency Program Assistant

Abby Cameron


GGR serves as an extension to the Christian Missionary Alliance District Residency. This broadens the residents’ experience to explore deployment throughout the CMA. We are consistently looking for residents interested in ministry within the district or in the district level. Click the button below to acquire more information about the Greenhouse Residency at the District level.

Additionally, GGR is continuously exploring opportunities to partner with local businesses and/or other religious organizations interested in hosting a resident, employing a resident, seeking to place a resident for deployment, and/or offering local resource opportunities. Partnering with you allows GGR the chance to create a cross-cultural and cross-generational experience that is conducive to the legitimacy of actual ministry experiences. The more partners the greater propensity to implement a realistic approach to holistic ministry training. So join us in this journey by clicking the button below to complete an inquiry for partnership opportunities.

Residency Areas of Interest

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