March 6 2021 – Note from PJ

By March 6, 2021A Note from PJ

March 6 2021 – Note from PJ

“We need to finish our Unfinished work. We need to do the things that we have thought of doing, intended to do, talked about doing, and are abundantly able to do.” – A.B. Simpson, August 1890

Hi friend–

As the quote above highlights, Jesus gave his followers an assignment to communicate his forgiveness and compassion to people in our neighborhoods, and to the nations of the world. Life’s biggest questions are ultimately answered in Jesus, and He invites you and me on a mission…with Him! We’ve been inspired to do that during this Global Outreach week at Grace.

Mary and I were moved by this 5 minute story of a woman who faced severe persecution for her faith in Jesus, a loss that’s hard for us to comprehend. She’s now part of the mission through Alliance outreach in the Atlanta area, the kind of outreach that is helping to finish the assignment Jesus gave us.

Just a reminder that we begin a new schedule of services at Middleburg Heights this Sunday, expanding to 3 service times: 9:00, 10:30, 12:00. We’ll add an outdoor service at Olmsted later in the spring, likely at 6pm; our current service there is at 10 am. We are one church in two locations, with the same mission, message, and a combined staff team. You’re part of Grace at either location! We’re also launching new Adult classes this week; you can see the line-up here. Our GraceKids classes continue to grow, as well as our Youth groups. See all the details at those links.

We’re grateful for the lower COVID numbers in our state and look forward to further progress! The Elder Board is prayerfully integrating emerging trends and health expert guidance, seeking to balance the spiritual, physical and emotional health needs of the Grace family. High-grade filters have been recently installed in the HVAC systems at Grace. Also, we will no longer be using the hydrostatic fogger. At this time, for the best interests of all involved, we are still maintaining the policy of proper mask wearing, physical distancing, and the avoidance of physical contact. In time, we’ll be looking in the rearview mirror at all of this; I share your eagerness for that day!

A few other items to note:
• You can catch the latest in our weekly bulletin to see what’s happening at Grace.
• The 7-week online Alpha Marriage Course begins next Thursday, March 11. It’s free, and over 40 couples at Grace have already registered. This practical course has strengthened thousands of marriages all over the world. Click here to view an introductory video. The sessions are hosted online through Zoom and are completely private for each couple. There is also no group work.  Click here to register.
• We’re grateful for all who have been giving so that our impact can grow. Anyone can make an online gift here.
• Your prayers are welcomed for those who have lost a loved one recently.
• If you’re on Facebook, we have lots of ministry groups you can join. You can check them out here.

Enjoy the sunshine today! Love from our home to yours,


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