Leaving the Tree by April Brooks

Have you ever seen a tree as she casts forth her leaves?
Is she proud? Is she hopeful? Or is it inside she grieves?

At times she rejoices, in the wind as she sways.
At others, like a statue. Breath held as they stray.

It’s time. Don’t you see?
With the change of the season.

For warmth’s cooled to briskness.
And doubt becomes reason.

Her children no longer are thick from her milk.
Though strong, they are wispy. Transparent as silk.

They shimmer and shine, reflecting light as they go
To accomplish a purpose, and this they do know.

Some flutter and dance. Some float and some twirl.
Some shoot like the stars, with the weight of the world.

Have you ever seen a leaf that held on when time to go?
Encased within ice and covered in snow?

It seems such a pity as they stand there like stone
Diseased and just wasted. Fruitless and alone.

These leaves that are cast are like you and like me.
Our Heavenly Father is just like the tree.

He protects and holds tight while we’re nourished and prepared.
Until time for assignment and our faith is to be dared.

We’re held in his bosom until the time is just right.
And when we’re released, our lives need take flight.

We’re not sent haphazardly-without direction or aim.
We’ve been cultured and girded-His promises to claim.

We must change or we too will show signs of disease.
In the harshness of this world, our lives too will freeze.

Instead, let us dance while reflecting the Son.
As we go on our way-His work to be done.

If ever we’re frightened-unsure where He leads
Just stop and look up.
For there is the tree!