June 27, 2021 Note from PJ

By June 26, 2021A Note from PJ

June 27, 2021 Note from PJ

What’s your life’s purpose? What picture do you have in mind for making your life count?

The purpose statement of our church can also be a great life statement for each of us:

I want to exalt Jesus by [being a disciple and] making disciples who… (Take time to whisper these prayers)


Lord, I want you to be the focus of my life and the One I most seek to know, follow, and honor (John 14:15-21).


Lord, help me – in community with others – to become more and more like you, living with your Spirit’s power and reflecting your heart (Galatians 5:22-25).


Lord, I want you to use me to communicate your kindness and forgiveness wherever you take me, starting in my neighborhood and workplace (Acts 1:8).

I’m so grateful to see this kind of heart in our church family.

We haven’t arrived, but we’re on the way, and confident that Jesus will continue his work in us as we stay close to him (Philippians 1:6).

We’ll share communion in each of our worship services this Sunday, a reminder of how what Jesus did at the cross restores us to God and unifies us to one another. As part of God’s family, we get to do life together, encouraging each other through each season until the day we see Jesus face to face!

Today at Middleburg Heights we’ll continue our series on the powerful messages of the minor prophets. May God speak his purposes over you in new ways this week!

– Pastor Jonathan Schaeffer