Don’t Be Afraid by Peggi Tustan

Abraham’s faith journey began with an act of surrender. He left everything familiar to follow God. Along the way, the Lord richly blessed him. Abraham lacks only one thing.

Don’t be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward,” the Lord told Abram (later renamed Abraham) in a vision. What did Abram fear? God has just given him victory in battle. God had already granted him wealth, power, and esteem. But the one thing he desired; God withheld.

“O Sovereign Lord, what can you give me since I remain childless?” Abram answers. He longed for a child. At seventy-five-plus years, Abram was no young buck. If he had died in battle, his steward would have inherited his estate.

Years earlier, God promised Abram offspring as plentiful as the dust of the earth. But thus far, God had not delivered on that promise. God knew Abram longed for a child. He appeared in a vision to reassure Abram, “Don’t be afraid. You can trust me. Your deepest fears and longings are safe with me. I won’t disappoint you. More than anything (even a child), you will come to understand I am your greatest reward.”

Don’t be afraid. God’s assurance to Abram is for us, as well. What do we fear? When I wrote this, I was worried about how to pay for an unexpected root canal. God pressed further. What do you fear deep in your soul?

The answer I wrote in my journal surprised me. I fear insignificance. Do I matter, Lord?  In this world of powerful leaders, nations, and crisis, is an ordinary woman at her kitchen table important to you? 

“Your life has great worth in my sight,” his Spirit whispered in reply. “You are my treasure. You do not need to earn my notice, my regard, or my love. Just open your soul and receive what I desire to pour into you. Don’t be afraid. I am your shield. I will protect your heart. Your deepest needs and longings are safe with me.”

Our significance is not derived from family, friends, career, wealth, or ministry. You and I are significant because God loves us and values us.

Don’t be afraid. Perhaps like Abraham, God has withheld the one thing you desire most. We can be honest with God and tell him our heartaches and disappointments. He already knows our deep secrets and longings. God is our shield. He will protect our hearts. More than anything we desire, God himself is our very great reward!


Read Genesis 15. Something to ponder:

  • What do you fear deep in your soul?
  • How is God your very great reward?