Cleveland 2019 #1

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Cleveland 2019 #1


On this trip, we got to hang out with women who were in crisis and came to Laura’s Home for help. We got to join hands with other brothers and sisters that were also there to serve. This was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ and what happens when we come together.

The Lord challenged our own assumptions about why someone would seek shelter and our own privilege. We met kids that know poverty and see the world so differently than us and yet we were able to connect.

We saw what it is like to treat people with dignity and how Laura’s Home continually strives to empower and dignify those who are underestimated. We listened deeply to those who were willing to share.

We learned that we are advocates for the people we met. In boldness and grace, it is our job to stand up for the people we met and debunk the stereotypes that surround them. We cannot claim ignorance any more and now that we know we have the opportunity to continue to stand up like Jesus did for the adulterous woman in John chapter 8.

This trip was a blessing of being with those underestimated, another part of the body of Christ, and our own team from Grace. We loved being a part of Laura’s Home for one day but we still know the need for support at Laura’s Home. You can become a regular volunteer, be a financial partner, and pray, pray, pray for the women and the kids there!

Join us in thinking, praying, and acting on what God is doing at Laura’s Home. And be on the lookout for the next Cleveland Mission trip so you can engage in what God is doing here in our city!

click this link to find out more info on Laura’s Home and how you can partner with them :