A Message from Pastor Harper

Dear Friend,

It’s our hope that as you connect with others and listen to some of our gifted pastors and teachers at Grace, you’re encouraged to continue in your personal study of God’s Word.

No sign-up is required to join a class. Most classes are open for the full-length of the quarter, so if you miss a week or two, don’t let it keep you away! Feel free to bring a friend, family member or co-worker along with you. All classes are free, but some may recommend resources. If a class requires an additional book, it will be noted in the class description.

The purpose of each ministry class and small group at Grace is to lead you to a deeper knowledge of who Jesus is, give you a love for His word, and a passion to follow His example in life.

As you explore our schedule of classes for this quarter, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions! If you need help finding a room, take a look at our building map.

Steve Harper Associate Pastor

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