Chasing Time by Krista Stump

Psalm 90:12 – “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” (NLT)

In life, there never seems to be enough time. There are so many responsibilities and commitments that we need to fit in our day. Whether it’s a busy sports schedule that you are shuttling the kids to, long days at work, doctor’s appointments, school events, church events, and all the tasks associated with managing a home. It just never feels like enough hours to get it all done.

When I became a mother, I had to let some things go on my to do list because there simply was not enough time. I had always been great at time management, but when you bring a child into the world, their needs are put above the rest, and then you get done what you can in the time you have left. I struggled with this change and anxiety rose within me when I could not complete my list.

Over time, I began to adapt and reorder my priorities. That didn’t mean my days were any less busy, but I was realizing what was truly important and what wasn’t. There was one day when I was trying to hurry and clean up my house in the allotted time I had. My toddler stopped me and asked in her sweet little voice if I would dance with her. I immediately was reminded of a Christian film I had watched before I had kids called Courageous. There is a scene where a father’s daughter is asking him to dance with her. The father began to make excuses as to why he couldn’t, and disappointment covered his daughter’s face. Later in the film, his daughter tragically dies in a car accident and he then wished so badly that he would have given her his time and danced with her. After that reminder, I stopped what I was doing and gave my daughter my time. We danced and laughed, and my cleaning was put on hold.

All of these commitments, tasks, and requirements in our day often leave us feeling worn out and depleted. The last thing you want to do at the end of a long day is dance. But giving your family your time to listen, time to meet for coffee, time to take them to an appointment, time to read a bedtime story or time to prepare a meal makes them feel loved and valued. That film opened my eyes to what a gift it is to give someone your time.

My daughter is older and more independent now, but I still try to give her my undivided attention. If she asks if she can show me her iPad game or watch her do gymnastics, I stop what I am doing and show her that she is important to me by giving her those few minutes of my time. Just like in Courageous, you just never know if it could be your last chance to do so.