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What is a burden? A burden is a heavy object that you carry or difficult situation that you are dealing with.

What is your burden today? What are you carrying that no one knows about. What is the heaviness inside of you today? What is the burden one of your friends is carrying? Do you know the burdens of some of your best friends? Well, the Bible has something for us on this topic of burdens. But it may not be what you think.

Galatians 6:2 states that we are to bear one another’s burdens. This means we have to give our burdens (more on this in a minute) to other dudes. Those guys then help us carry it so it is not as heavy.

Well, this verse follows an entire section about the Fruit of the Spirit. In order to have the Fruit of the Spirit, we must walk with God. When walking with God, we get to taste and see the good life! If not, then we are walking alone and we typically get ourselves in trouble…… at least I do.

When I choose to not walk alongside God, I think or do things that I regret. Then these things become very heavy in my soul. It is at this point that these choices become a burden!

Galatians 5:19-21 names many of the burdens I have experienced over my lifetime. These burdens often become more than I can carry on my own. Have you been there? You might be there today.

The great thing is that we don’t have to live isolated lives where we carry these on our own. Once we return to God, admit our mistakes while telling him everything with much regret (description of repentance), and then once again walk alongside the Holy Spirit, our lives change. We then can have and experience the Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control). Once we get centered and are walking in step with God, our souls feel lighter as we are no longer carrying this heavy load of junk! But, there are 2 really important pieces hidden in these verses.

The first is to make sure we have people in our lives who can carry the burden with us. They are close friends who trust God and people whom you can go to and share your struggles and burdens in life. These people can listen well and gently talk about these burdens you are carrying.

I have trusted friends like this with whom I have shared my burdens over the years. Thank God for these people in my life. They walked alongside me during some dark years as I admitted my struggle with porn and was able to find freedom from this dark and lonely addiction. These friends would pick up the phone when I called and encourage me to stay on the path of purity and fight for my marriage.

The question today is not just “do you have men like this in your life?” This leads us to the second hidden treasure in these passages…

The second treasure is a question actually. Galatians 6:2 begs us to ask the question, “are you a man like this for someone else?” We need more men to be burden carrying men so others can find freedom from the patterns and choices that leave heavy burdens in their souls.

How do you become a burden carrying man? Great question!

Be a man who loves Jesus first and foremost. Know that you cannot rescue anyone, but you can walk alongside people as you walk them to the One who can rescue and heal them! It starts with you knowing and loving Jesus. Then stay humble while not pointing out others’ mistakes or burdens, while also not being jealous of other people (Galatians 5:26). Then, as you walk through life alongside other dudes, they will come to you and ask you to carry one of their burdens.

When this happens, we need to gently grab them under their armpit so they don’t crash to the ground and guide them to the empty tomb of Jesus. This is where we find the power to overcome the temptations that so easily lead us to make decisions that cause heavy burdens in our lives.

Be a burden carrier for other men while also allowing men to be this for you!

-Pastor Scott