Board of Elders

By February 11, 2019October 2nd, 2019A Note from PJ

Board of Elders

Grace Church is led by a Board of Elders—a team with diverse career experiences and cultural backgrounds who are in various of stages of life.  All have this in common: a seasoned maturity in their Christian faith, and a solid commitment to the spiritual guidance of Grace Church.

Each February, an elected Nominating Committee prayerfully considers which individuals might serve as Elders.  Below are the current Elders (you can see their pictures and bios on our website), and the year they finish their term (as of June 30th).  Elders are eligible to serve two consecutive 3-year terms (those completing 2nd term noted by * below). 

         Class of 2019               Class of 2020           Class of 2021

         *DJ Eidson                   Steve Atkins            *Richard King

         Josh Grusendorf          Russ Czellath          *Lance Mayer

         Jeff Goodrich               Darrick Culver          Keir Thelander

         Josh Palcic                  Bob Wido                 Brian Wellman

         Hal Kruger, Treasurer    Diane Farrell, Finance Secretary

Nominations are being accepted through March 3rd.  If you know a Grace member who fits the qualifications of an Elder, you’re welcome to speak with that person to get their consent and then send a note to the church office (“Attn: Nominating Committee”) or to Pam Abend at

What do Elders do?  Once a month, Grace’s volunteer Elders set aside an evening to engage with current issues affecting the church and to focus on our future. An Elder’s job is to ask, “Where do we see God leading our church in the future, one or five years down the road?”  The Elders set our overall mission and vote on policies, budgets, capital projects, etc., and I (as the senior pastor) am charged with mobilizing staff and ministries to accomplish the mission.

The Elders are also involved in praying with people who are in need (see James 5:14-16), and assist in our searches for Ministry Staff.  I am grateful for the Elders the Lord has appointed through the voting of our congregation at past Annual Meetings (our next one is Tuesday, May 21).  We are blessed with a great working relationship.  If you want to see what the Bible establishes as the key biblical qualifications of an Elder, check Titus 1:6-9, Acts 20:28, 1 Peter 5:1–4, and 1 Timothy 3:1–7.

Would you pray for the Elder team here at Grace, that the Lord will continue to guide them?  And, when you see them, thank them for investing time and energy for our church family.