August 1-2, 2020 – Update from PJ + Mary

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August 1-2, 2020 – Update from PJ + Mary

Hi friend–

Some surveys are saying people have stopped participating in their church (watching or going) by 55% since Covid-19. So I’d like to borrow a challenge a pastor friend made to his congregation: Would you make what’s normally the least attended month of the year (August) the most attended? Would you commit to worshiping with your Grace family (online or in-person) every Sunday in August? Take the “allinAugust” challenge. I’m speaking today and tomorrow on “The Best Wedding Reception Ever,” and our worship team is eager to lead us in expressing our love for Jesus.

Some of you prefer to attend worship services onsite, and those begin in just 2 weeks!  I’ll preach “live” at both indoor and outdoor services, and we’ll have worship teams at both.  Registration for those services will open on Sunday, August 9.  And, those who feel hesitant to be onsite at this point will still have the option of 5 livestream services at or
On the first day of our outdoor service, August 16, we’ll have baptisms…one of my favorite times!  If you’re asking yourself, “is baptism for me?” I’d like to encourage you to reach out to us by visiting When you sign up, we’ll send you more information about the next steps.

We’ve had some treasures born into families that attend Grace. For all parents, let me encourage you to check out our Grace Kids Ministry Page! The team has put together some great resources for families, including Sunday videos, Ask Anything, Parents Study Lessons, a craft your kids can do, books to equip you and your families, age-related worship, and more.

You may be wondering how to respond to the discussion on racial justice in our country. If you missed my message this past Wednesday evening, you can watch that here.

Finally, Mary and I share a verse of Scripture that’s been meaningful to us…and we hope will brighten your day in our brief video here.

Don’t forget “allinAugust” challenge!  Hope to see you soon.

Pastor Jonathan Schaeffer
Senior Pastor, Grace Church


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