A Note from Pastor Jonathan – March 3

By March 4, 2023A Note from PJ

A Note from PJ

Hi friend–

Our vision has been enlarged this week as we’ve heard how Jesus is transforming lives around the world. We get to be part of a movement that has eternal impact and gives significance to our remaining time on earth. I’ll be talking more about that–and how it’s a theme through the Bible–in my message tomorrow.

We also have lots of new Adult Classes that are launching; you’ll see the full list here. There’s a boatload of options, they’re free, and everyone is welcome!  They not only give new opportunities for learning and growth, but a setting in which to build some new friendships. Of course, we have GraceKids classes at each hour as well.

Along with the financial update below, let me say a big thanks once again for your generosity. When you give to Grace, your generosity fuels ministries, programs, and services that impact lives in our church, community, and across the world. You can give online, drop a check in an offering box near the worship center doors at any service, or contribute through the gift of stock or mutual fund. Learn more at gracecma.org/give.

Grace Church giving – Year-to-date (2/23/23)

Local Ministry – 102% of budget

Global Ministry – 89% of budget

Building Fund – 71% of budget

If you know a young adult (or are one!), all 18-30 year olds are welcome to attend the Young Adults Retreat on March 31 – April 2. The weekend is designed as a break from the stress, noise, and distractions of day-to-day life so each person can intentionally grow in the depth of their relationship with God and with others.  Feel free to invite friends, whether or not they attend church.  Click HERE for more information and to register.

Grateful to be on the same team with you!