A Note from Pastor Jonathan – April 1

By April 3, 2023A Note from PJ

A Note from PJ

Hi friend–

Mary and I felt very loved this past Sunday as you helped us celebrate 25 years of serving at Grace Church. We are so grateful for an amazing church family and are moved as we think of the many ways we’ve seen the goodness of God these two and a half decades. We feel incredibly blessed that we’ve had the privilege of seeing so many people take big steps in their relationship with Jesus, trusting him and serving him and reflecting him in new ways. Whether you’ve been part of Grace for years or are just joining the family, we’re glad to be on the same team with you!

Next weekend is our highlight celebration of Jesus winning the decisive victory over death…a gamechanger for all who trust him.


5 PM @ Middleburg Heights Campus


9/10:30/12 Noon @ Middleburg Heights Campus

10 @ Olmsted Falls Campus

Who might you invite to join you for a service that includes uplifting worship, a gospel message, and an invitation to a new beginning with Jesus? You can send a text or share an invite on social media or pick up a bunch of invitation cards when you come to church tomorrow (just inside the front doors). See more details on the weekend here.

With the date for Easter changing each year, it can feel like this holiday comes around quickly and our hearts aren’t quite ready. This year, to help us come prepared, we’ve curated a Holy Week Prayer Experience that will be on display at the Olmsted Falls campus from Monday – Saturday, April 3-8. This will be an interactive experience reflecting on the last seven sayings Jesus spoke before he died for us on the cross. The self-guided journey takes 15-30 minutes and includes several large pieces of art, prayer prompts, music, and interactive prayer stations that offer the opportunity to engage your senses, your story, and your creativity in a meaningful time of prayer. We hope you come to the Olmsted Campus and take advantage of this opportunity!

Love from Mary and me,