A Note from Pastor Jonathan – February 9

By February 10, 2024A Note from PJ

A Note from PJ

Hi friend–

I have often wondered what it would have been like to join the conversation that Jesus had with a couple guys who were traveling to Emmaus the very day that Jesus came back from death. They express their deep disappointment that Jesus is (they think) dead, not recognizing that he is the one walking with them that very moment. That’s when Jesus gives a message I wish we had on YouTube!

Beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them

what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself. Luke 24:24

I wonder what Scriptures he went to first? What connections did he make for them? I have no doubt that he referenced portions of Leviticus, highlighting themes that pointed directly to him. That’s what we want to do in this new series, starting with the overall theme of the book and how it answers the deepest question of our souls. I’m excited to launch the series, and we have 24 people who will take the step of baptism this Sunday as well! It will be a highlight day.

Tomorrow morning is the Spiritual Freedom Seminar, a guided prayer time that has been really helpful for so many of us. I compare it to a closet-cleaning of the soul, surrendering again every area of my life to the Lord. Anyone is welcome to attend.

You’ll see below those who have recently experienced the passing of a family member, or welcomed a new treasure into their family. Would you take a moment and ask the Lord to show his kindness to each one?

In advance of Vision Sunday (March 3), we want to introduce one of our Elder couples each week in this space. William & Jane Green started coming to Grace in 2002 during a period of transition in life and didn’t know what to expect from Grace, other than the expectation of being spiritually fed and blending in.

They were impacted by the genuine care and the personal interest in their lives, and it didn’t take long for them to get plugged in. William was elected as an Elder last year; he has led classes, participated in small groups, and is one of the leaders of our Koinos course on racial reconciliation. William works as a business development manager for Technoform and Jane is a surgical technician at the Cleveland Clinic. We’re grateful for their example and leadership.

So grateful for what the Lord is doing in and through the Grace family!