5 ways to minister to a restaurant server

By March 14, 2019 October 2nd, 2019 A Note from PJ

5 ways to minister to a restaurant server

One practical way to reflect Christ?  Treat restaurant servers with kindness!

I came across an article by Trevor Forbis that took me back to conversations with family members who have worked in the restaurant industry.

Trevor suggests 5 ways to minister to a restaurant server:

  1. Ask and remember their name.Learning your server’s name shows that you value them. Most diners won’t take the time to do that, which makes it that much more meaningful when it does happen.
  2. Request them specifically. Trevor writes, “When people asked the host or hostess on a regular basis for me to serve them, I felt like I was a part of their family. That meant a lot to a college student who lived eight hours from home.”
  3. Tip well. “Well” is the key word. Some servers see Sunday as one of the worst shifts to work because of poor tips (ouch when we misrepresent Jesus like that!).  Christians have an opportunity to show that God has given us amazing grace undeserved. What better way to demonstrate this than tipping your server well, even if he or she doesn’t always deserve it?
  4. Ask how you might pray for them.It’s a basic step, but a profound one. You may be the only person praying for them that day … or any day.  If you regularly request their section and then ask their prayer concerns, you begin to learn how to better pray for them through the week.
  5. Be patient with them. There are times when servers will mess things up. It may just be an off day, or they may be struggling with something in their personal life. Your patience and kindness will demonstrate grace to them.

The Bible says we can reflect and honor Jesus in every part of our day, including eating at a restaurant:  “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.  Do not cause anyone to stumble…”  1 Corinthians 10:31

P.S.  I’m speaking at a conference in Michigan this week and look forward to being with you at Grace next week!

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