We are thrilled to walk alongside you as you obey the Lord’s call to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. We hope we can make this process a smooth and beneficial experience for you.

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PLEASE NOTE: Individuals applying for a short-term trip will be asked to first complete a "profile" to create a login and will then proceed to application questions. Applicants can share email addresses but must have unique profiles & logins.

1. Click on one of the links below.
   To apply for a DOMESTIC trip, CLICK HERE.

   To apply for an INTERNATIONAL trip, CLICK HERE.

2. If this is your first time applying for a Grace trip online, choose the option that says “I don’t have a managed mission login” and follow the prompts to enter your email and set up your account.

3. Personal info page: Once logged-in, you will see a page with personal information. NOTE: THIS IS NOT YOUR APPLICATION. This information will generate your ManagedMissions profile. You can change or add to this information at any time. The ONLY required information to proceed is your first and last name.

4. Personal info page: The second page you will see is also personal information for your ManagedMissions profile. You do not need to fill out any of this to proceed to the application.

5. Choose your trip: On the third page, you will select your trip. Please choose your “First choice” as the trip to which you are applying.

6. Application: The final page is the application. Please fill out all of the necessary information. Before you submit your application, be sure to copy the link for the consent for a background check if you are over 18 and have not had a background check done through Grace in the last 3 years. Once finished, click submit application

7. Processing: Please allow 7-14 days to process and approve your application. You will be sent an email once it is approved. If you have any questions, please email missions@gracecma.org

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