Life Stories

We are instructed by Christ to share each other’s burdens and joys.  It is often helpful to more fully understand the burdens and joys we are called to share.   Often too, we can feel we are alone in our challenges.  Hearing that others are facing similar challenges and finding hope, can give us renewed hope.

Through My Eyes



Through My Eyes  

Christian young people who've experienced same-sex attraction speak about coming to Christ, their growing awareness of SSA, and their experience in the church.  Watch the Video


D. Jernigan



Dennis Jernigan's Testimony  

I grew up in the church...imagine my horror when, at the age of 10 and already knowing my struggle. I overheard the men of the church discussing homosexuality...  Read more


  "I was homosexual. I was in much darkness and much sin in so many ways. In Jesus Christ I became free indeed. I am continually being transformed to His likeness every day. I am forgiven. I came to Bridge of Grace and Truth about 3 years ago. I came to share story and offer hope. I came to talk of God’s grace, mercy and love for me. Jesus is now my love story."
DK, Attender of Journey of Hope Group

When My Daughter Said

When My Daughter Said 'I'm Gay': Confessions of an Evangelical Pastor

The note said, "I am gay. I am happy this way. And if you really love me, you won't try to change me, and you will not try to talk with me about this."  
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Loved by Community

Loved by Community: Steve & Marilyn's Story

Not long after arriving at her apartment, one of her friends stopped by. We were friendly and talked freely with her, but during the conversation, listening and watching their reactions to each other, both my wife and I came away with a very disturbing feeling. After discussing our reactions on the drive home, we decided to call and ask some questions. Our daughter confirmed our suspicion: she was in a lesbian relationship.  Read more


 "I was gay all my life and even though I had a strong Christian upbringing I constantly justified my lifestyle. Less than a year ago God chased me down. In an instant I, to this day, cannot explain the Love that filled me and changed my life. But my family said to me; this is the result of your moms many years of praying for you. I have since then been attending Journey to Hope to share with others on this new journey. The encouragement and love this group has given me has been a weekly hug from God. These friends can relate to my past and help me grow; it is such a gift."
PL, Attender of Journey of Hope Group

Love Letter to a Lesbian

Love Letter to a Lesbian by Jackie Hill-Perry

I too was a lesbian. I had same-sex attractions as early as five years old. As I grew up, those feelings never subsided. They only grew. I would find myself having crushes on my female best friends, but I was far too ashamed to admit it to them — let alone to myself.  Read more




Debora Barr

Real Stories by Debora Barr

My life was completely transformed by the Word of God and the unconditional love of a church body exemplifying Christ to me in a tangible way! By 1994, I had been living as an atheist for 16 years and a homosexual for six years when my lesbian partner invited me to go to church. 
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Article: Moore, Matt  I Begged God to Make Me Straight and He Never Answered.  
So I prayed. Oh. How. I. Prayed. “God, make me normal.” “God, make me straight.” “God, make me like everyone else.”
But God didn’t answer those prayers. Why?

Audio: Parshall, Janet Testimonies of Fifteen Ex-Transgender Individuals
Testimonies of fifteen ex-transgender individuals bear witness to what Jesus Christ can do for those who struggle with gender dysphoria.

Article: Blair, Charla Prayer Request No Longer Unspoken
The personal testimony of a woman who experiences SSA, and how the Lord is using her ministry.



The resources below are available at Bridge of Grace and Truth meetings:


Coles, Gregory  Single, Gay, Christian: A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity

Butterfield, Rosaria C. The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor's Journey into Christian Faith

Melissa Fisher, John Burke  The Way of Hope: A Fresh Perspective on Sexual Identity, Same-Sex Marriage, and the Church

Heyer, Walt  A Transgender's Faith 

Hill, Wesley Washed and Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality

Jernigan, Dennis Sing Over Me

Yuan, Christopher & Angela  Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son's Journey to God. A Broken Mother's Search for Hope.




There are a growing number of books, websites and resources on the subject of sexuality claiming to be from a Christian perspective. Some align more closely with Grace Church's Bible-based doctrine, beliefs and practices than others. We have also found that some resources are more helpful than others. As a result we have carefully selected the resources included in these pages. Inclusion in these pages, however, does not mean that we endorse or agree with everything in each resource.


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