Life Stories

We are instructed by Christ to share each other’s burdens and joys.  It is often helpful to more fully understand the burdens and joys we are called to share.   Often too, we can feel we are alone in our challenges.  Hearing that others are facing similar challenges and finding hope, can give us renewed hope.


I begged God to make me straight and he never answered.  Here is why.

Janet Parhall  -  testimonies of fifteen ex-transgender individuals
Testimonies of fifteen ex-transgender individuals  bear witness to what Jesus Christ can do for those who struggle with gender dysphoria.


  • Single, Gay, Christian: A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity
  • The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert : An English Professor's Journey into Christian Faith
  • The Way of Hope
  • Sing Over Me
  • Washed and Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality
  • Out of a Far Country
  • Trading My Sorrows

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