Ezekiel (Jan 5,12,19,26)

Room 10
By: Dr. M. Beavers, Springs of Life Bible College

Book for this course will be “Be Reverent” by Warren Wiersbe. This study examines Ezekiel’s mission, to describe the indescribable, a God beyond imagining, a King worthy of our reverence.  Filled with inspiring words and images, Ezekiel’s timeless message will draw you into a deeper level of holy reverence for our awesome God.  Class meets January 5, 12, 19 and 26. Course cost: $70.


Springs of Life Bible College is pleased to be in such a beautiful facility as Grace Church. As a special to Grace Church members, we would like to offer you a free 4-week course either in January or February.  Please call to register and reserve your spot:  SOLBC Office: 440-545-1210  or Dr. Brinca Hunter: 330-725-7638 or Reverend Tamre Kepler: 440-865-6062.

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