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Jesus makes it clear that the church is the hope of the world. And, he promised the church, established by him, would not be defeated (Matthew 16:18).

There have been plenty of up’s and down’s throughout history, times when the church failed miserably and appeared to be on the verge of being extinguished. All the while, Jesus has kept—and will keep—his promise.

So what’s our part?
What can any individual person do to help their church reach its full redemptive potential? Isn’t that what all of us will answer for at the end of our lives?

In his article, "You and Your Church," Author James Emery White suggests the following:

1. Talk about your church like gossip over the backyard fence, but in a good way.
Like a great movie you saw, or a good restaurant. Unleash positive public relations in your neighborhood and community.

2. Step up and serve.
Don’t wait to be asked; just volunteer. If it looks like everything is covered, trust me, it’s not. J

3. As a volunteer, or simply as an attender, show up and be on time.
You have no idea how much this matters.

4. Work hard on having a positive attitude, a cup half-full instead of a cup half-empty.
You’ll be surprised how contagious it is.

5. Be generous with your financial resources.
Help your church do all that it can by giving all you can.

6. Handle friction and disagreement in a way that honors God, which means handle it biblically (Matthew 18:15).
When you’re at odds with someone, talk with them, not about them. Seek their best; pray for them. And always work for unity.

7. Realize that those on your church’s staff do not get a thousand emails a day giving them encouragement.
People are more likely to critique; send an affirmation instead.

8. Invite your unchurched friends.
It’s the only way your church can fulfill its mission.

9. Welcome those who come into your church with messed-up lives.
Not affirmation, necessarily, but always acceptance so that they can experience the grace of Jesus.

10. Pray, pray, pray.
In 14th Century England, there were holy women who placed themselves in little rooms at the base of churches and gave themselves to prayer. They prayed for the church and its members. These women were called by the quaint but telling name of anchoress, for they were spiritual anchors that held the church amid the storms of that century. Be that anchor.

Which of these especially resonate with you?
Put them into practice, and when you see Jesus face-to-face, you’ll hear His “Well done!”

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