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I recently read a thoughtful article by Trillia Newbell entitled “4 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Colorblind." Trillia is a believer of color. In her article, Trillia relates how she’s often heard people say, “I don’t see color. I’m colorblind! My parents taught me not to see color.”

The phrase may be meant to express the sentiment that "people are people, and color doesn’t matter," Trillia says, "but colorblindness can lead us in the wrong direction." She suggests we be colorsmart instead. Here's her reasoning why:

1. It’s obvious that God made us different colors! 

"If you encounter someone ethnically different from you, it’s unrealistic and possibly unloving to pretend you don’t notice... Instead of pretending we're colorblind, let’s celebrate God’s creation and be colorsmart."

2. Being colorblind is a missed opportunity to celebrate God’s good design

Colorblindness seeks to ignore or flatten the differences between us. Being colorsmart, however, enables us to see others as crafted in God’s image—just like us—while still acknowledging the beauty of our differences. We’re all equally created—wonderfully and uniquely—to reflect aspects of our Creator God.  This can be proactively acknowledged and celebrated rather than fearfully ignored."

3. The Gospel is for all nations

"The Bible tells us that we sinned, putting everything out of order, leading to the racial hatred we tragically see throughout history and still today. But Scripture also shows us how God is working for the redemption of all people through Christ," creating us to be one new people (Ephesians 2:14). We can see the fulfillment of his promise to redeem every tribe, tongue, and nation when we gather, fellowship, and worship with those who are different from us." I love seeing this happen at Grace Church!

4. We will rejoice forever in God’s creative design

"Revelation 5 shows us a beautiful picture of every color, tribe, tongue, and nation worshiping together around the throne... We will spend eternity in a new creation filled—gloriously!—with people of all backgrounds and colors...The pursuit of ethnic harmony doesn’t require us to ignore how God uniquely designed us.  But it does require sacrifice. As we celebrate our differences, we will grow to love the nations, and reach out to them with the gospel of grace as we embrace our God-given differences."

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