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Our mission statement is stated like this: To exalt Jesus Christ by making disciples who love Jesus, grow with others, and serve the world. But what does it mean to make disciples?


Making disciples starts with clearly and winsomely representing Christ. We are His ambassadors all week long, wherever we go, at every opportunity, we communicate the good news of Jesus’ forgiveness and compassion.Why? There is no greater Treasure than a relationship with Christ. The stakes are huge and eternal!

Here are a few ways you might consider reaching out to those around you.
Wherever you go, let your life demonstrate the difference Jesus made for you. Romans 14:17 says that “the Kingdom of God is…living a life of goodness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”

• Invite a family to come to a church event.
Here's a great one: Tricks and Treats this Saturday! The event features tons of games and activities (and candy) happening in our front lot and inside our facility. Last year over 4,000 people attended.

• Initiate a conversation about what Jesus' did.
Give “Steps to Peace with God” to a friend with whom you’ve had conversations about spiritual things.
You can get a copy at our Welcome Center!  Ask your friend if they would be willing to read and give you their feedback on it.

• Give a friend a book.
Gift someone with a biography of a person who you think they'd admire: an artist, athlete, world leader, etc., someone who has a clear and compelling testimony of following Christ. Get them a book that you think would interest them: Golf’s Sacred Journey, Case for Faith, Reason for God, When God Doesn’t Make Sense, etc.

• Share good content with them.
Send a friend a link to a written or video testimony of a well-known person on one of their favorite teams, in one of their favorite bands, or in a field they connect with. I am Second is a great place to start. Pass along the web link to a message that has been meaningful to you: Grace Sermon archive.

• Invite a friend to join you for a class, small group or ministry. 
Men’s Fraternity, Band of Brothers, Ladies’ Latte or Wednesday Bible studies, MUMS, a youth group…or one of many others. Explore ministries  View Fall Class Schedule  Find a Small Group

• Share our livestream with them.
To help a friend feel more comfortable coming to a service at Grace, invite them to watch a service via live-stream:

• Talk about your faith in public.
When it makes sense, include your faith in a conversation with a server at a restaurant.
Tip generously! It is a terrible idea—TERRIBLE!—to leave a piece of literature instead of a tip.

• Above all care about other people.
You can do this by asking questions and genuinely listening to their answers. Follow up on things they ask you to pray about. Live with integrity. Let your behavior be a strong affirmation of your faith in Christ.

“God our Savior…wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth.”
1 Timothy 2:3-4

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