“Preparing for Marriage” Class & Premarital Counseling

Plan to attend the 12-week “Preparing for Marriage” class offered spring, summer, fall, and winter. See info for the class on our website here.

If you are unable to attend the class, you may make arrangements to attend the Family Life Marriage Conference called Weekend to Remember offered on weekends throughout the U.S. To determine locations and dates, log on to: Follow the “Engaged Couples” track at the conference.

If this is not an option, your pastor may schedule additional counseling sessions with you to ensure you have a solid foundation for marriage.

At least two months prior to your wedding, call your officiating pastor to schedule your second meeting to talk about how the “Preparing for Marriage” class is going and to discuss your ceremony. It is highly recommended that you invest in the classes with diligence and enthusiasm. The harder you work now to prepare yourself for marriage, the better your marriage will be.

Happiness is not the highest purpose for living. Instead, God’s heart is that we be holy like His Son Jesus. As a result, we want to follow the principles of His Word, knowing that true joy is found in obeying the One who gave His life for us. 

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