Frequently Asked Questions...

Q:  If I'm dating someone, can I still come to the singles ministry? 
A:  Yes, we define “singles” as those not yet married.

Q:  If I'm not a member of your church, may I still come to your singles ministry events?
A:  Yes, a number of the attenders in our singles ministry are from other churches.

Q:  If I am a little bit beyond the age range of this singles ministry, can I still come?
A:  Focus Singles Ministry is geared toward age 30-45. Our design for the ministry is intentional, to create a space of fellowship for this age range.
If you're 18-29, we encourage you to check out Grace Young Adults.  If you're in an older age bracket, we invite you to check out some of the other connection opportunities here at Grace, like Mens Ministry and Womens Ministry, Forever Young (for those 50+), and Classes.

Q:  Is this a good place to come to, if I want to "meet somebody” to date?
A:  We would encourage your motivation for attending to be to get to know God better and grow in your relationship with Him, along with others who are seeking Christ, no matter where you're at in your spiritual journey.  Though people have occasionally found their life partners in a singles ministry, we find that if you come with the motivation to “find somebody to date,” it tends to cause relational difficulties and "dating drama” because you enter the group with selfish motives. 

Q:  If I have a child, may I bring my child to a singles ministry event?

A:  On Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, Grace Church offers a variety of adult classes, where children's ministries run concurrently, and you will find programming designed for your child's age.  We also have a  Single Parent Ministry which focuses more of its programming towards parents with children at home.  The singles ministries’ social activities are generally designed for single adults, and are not conducive to bringing children.

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