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We are excited and pleased that you have contacted us about your wedding plans. This is a special time in your life and we are honored that you have requested information about our services. You are not only planning a ceremony but are also laying the foundation for your marriage relationship. We want to help make the ceremony beautiful and your marriage strong and healthy. Our involvement with you as a couple will be personal and committed. We believe that a wedding in a church is evidence of a couple who wants to honor God in their relationship and follow His blueprint for marriage. 


The FIRST STEP in the process of being approved to schedule your wedding at Grace Church (or if you would like a Grace pastor to officiate at an offsite wedding) is for the bride and groom to complete the application surveys for marriage.

SurveyfortheBride   SurveyfortheGroom

Each survey will take about 30-40 minutes to complete, and only one submission per person is permitted. After submitting your form, you'll be asked to contact our Marriage and Family Ministry to schedule an interview with Pastor Shawn Brennan. After Pastor Brennan has reviewed your submission, he'll meet with you both to discuss your upcoming marriage.

The survey is designed to give your officiant a comprehensive picture of your status and situation upon entering into marriage so that you are set up for a successful lifetime of commitment that glorifies God. Because of the approval process, we encourage those applying to be married at Grace to hold off on any wedding planning commitments (e.g. invitations with Grace address, floral or catering orders) until you have received confirmation of your wedding date's availability from our Facility Scheduler. 

Inquiries related to facility availability may be directed to Facility Scheduler, Cindy King at or 440.243.4885 x173.

We're delighted to be working with you as you move toward marriage!


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