Coming Soon.....Couple's Small Groups

We hope you'll consider being a part of a couple's small group as we move along in 2017. Group discussion topics may be from issues of our modern culture to C.S. Lewis or perhaps a current author's rendering. Leaders are currently being trained and we hope to have available several groups from which you can choose one suitable to you. This will be open to couples of all ages and duration of marriage. Watch the bulletin for upcoming details!


Marriage Connection...20s & 30s


Now is the best time to invest in your marriage, even if it's running smoothly. The marriage skills and positive patterns of communication you learn early on will prepare you as a couple to navigate the normal changes you'll face, such as the birth of children and career or finanial adjustments as well as the inevitable trials of life. "Doing life" with others will help you to develop friendships and grow as you connect with people who fave similar life situations as you. Join us on Wednesday nights as, together, we seek God's guidance for daily life.

OPEN TO: Couples in their 20' or 30's, married less than 10 years.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS at 7:00pm in Room 10

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