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Grow in Your Marriage

Great marriages don’t magically happen! They occur when couples are:
Intentional – they make their marriage a priority
Humble – they know there is always more to learn and apply
Wise – they recognize the need to be connected with others
Visionary – they know it is not just about their happiness

All couples need support and encouragement for the journey of marriage. Joining with others can help protect us from the hazards of isolation, such as the wrong thinking that no one else struggles as we do. Check out the following opportunities for growing in your marriage.


Couples who are farther along on their journey of marriage are a great resource for less traveled couples!
The SmartMarriage Coaching Ministry pairs trained coaches with couples seeking help. We use Gary Chapman’s book, The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted, the Prepare and Enrich Assessment, and various other tools and media during this 6-9 week process.

The cost for the book and the assessment is $35 per couple.

Coaching represents a formal relationship in which there are regular meetings using a specific curriculum for a set period of time. For the purpose of Grace’s Marriage Ministry, this should not be confused with a mentoring relationship, which occurs informally, often at the initiation of a couple seeking wisdom and advice. In this situation, learning occurs through social activities or “doing life together,” rather than through formal training.

Marriage Classes

• Newly Married/Preparing for Marriage Class: TO REGISTER for the Preparing for Marriage Class, please click "PREPARING FOR MARRIAGE CLASS" on the right sidebar to obtain the registration link.
• Yearly Fall Class
View Current Class Listing to see what Marriage Classes are being offered



At Grace Church, we realize marriages and families can get messy. We want to support blended and stepfamilies and to be able to encourage them on their journeys. Below are links to additional information you may find helpful.




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